PHILOSOPHER mag #1/1995:


- Greetings! For the beginning could you unravel the meaning of word XANTOTOL?

First of all there's an interesting history connected with this name. But if you don't mind I will not absorb in it. Generally it can be assumed that Xantotol was the person engaged in Magic, Occultism, Spiritism etc... something like dr Faust.

- Your last release "Thus Spake Zaratustra" is inspired by F. Nietzsche's philosophy. Could you describe his opinions?

I think that not only in our opinion Friedrich gave the bases and traced out the directions of present philosophical Satanism evolution, though he wasn't conscious that he will be in future named a father of this philosophy. Nietzsche propagated the vision of overman, the psychical and physical strong personality, standing above all the moral norms, and despising the populace. Of course it is a very short characterization, but it is hard to condense the whole meaning of philosophy in just few words.

- Do you identify fully with them? Or perhaps you can't agree with some arguments...

Nietzsche is the most close to me philosopher, however for sure I can't say that I can agree in 100% with him. Personally I can't agree with him in matter of so-called after-life... I can admit the reincarnation existence, however I'm concentrating generally on a worldly life.

- Zarathustra is...

Our intention was using the Zarathustra as someone like a teacher, who nowadays, when philosophy is so much warped, would proclaim to some extent the original contents of this outlook.

- Dou You think that Poles (Slavs) are the overmen? Hitler's opinions were considerably based on Nietzsche's philosophy and he didn't thought so...

I don't think that in this case it could be anything generalized. Look through the window, can those dirty and drunk people being at Vatican's service be qualified as Homo Galacticus? Of course not, however for sure there's a group of people, who deserves this name. In my opinion it is plain as a pike staff, overmen are the personalities from the circle of Satanistic elite, to which can belong as well the Slavs as the Eskimos, although of course white race has many more predispositions to that, than the any other color race, and it is caused by mentality and cultural legacy. As for Hitler, saying that he considered Slavs as undermen is warped. The same refers to Nietzsche, who had Polish ancestors after all.

- What do you think about a sentence - "Religion is a beautiful falseness"?

I feel an aversion to any form of religion, and in my opinion to religion could match better the definition - "opium for masses", stupefying, captivating and finally destructive.

- Don't you think that fight against Jews on the turn of the 20th century is a nonsense, because almost all Polish society is imbued with christianity and rather most of "Slavs" should be cleaned up?

Unfortunately Jews are present in Poland from many decades, and in this time it came to many hibridizations between them and Poles, so nowadays fighting against Jews in Poland, someone should be careful not to fall a victim to his own hatred! It is curious how many of us have the Jewish ancestry, not even knowing about it.

- Wrong and right. What dou you think about this problem? Nietzsche throwed away all of the moral norms ("Beyond Good and Evil"). Dou you also resound the "Slavonic evil" as some blacks?

Every conscious Satanist is above all of moral norms. Norm is a relative thing, propagated at given moment by the whole, therefore in process of time is changing "what was normal yesterday, today is abnormal". Satanism is working on base of its own law code, which is based on the nature's law. There's nothing such as wrong and right, these are the very relative qualifications. "Slavonic evil"??? I don't know exactly the meaning of this word. I suspect that it comes from people, who are raising the pagan customs on Slavonic lands. If they have some reasons of their activity, then let them do this "Slavonic evil". "Do what you think is right".

- Your opinion on atheism?

I don't believe in existence of some being like Jahwe or anyone other gods, so atheism is very relative to me.

- In what way Nietzsche's philosophy is contained in your lyrics? Are these only the quotations? Or perhaps your own considerations?

We used the literal quotations, but not because nothing did came into our heads, but because we thought that it will be very interesting solution. Of course we choosed the quotations, with which we were agreed, and so with Nietzsche's words we expressed our own opinions. Second reason of using of ready quotations is a wish to call an attention to Nietzsche in black metal environment, as for very concrete Satanistic authority. I recommend his works.

- What can be expected in musical matter of "Thus..."?

It is rather an individual sound, though some people are scenting the minimal similarity to Hellhammer or to Grecian sound. For sure it has nothing from "Norway".

- Your all times album?

I think that "From Hell To The Unknown" - Venom's double long containing all their old songs...

- That was just the last question. Big thanks for this interview Venom! The last incantation...

I also thank you for very interesting interview and for support! Everyone who wants to buy our demo II'93 "Cult Of The Black Pentagram" or MLp (MC'95) "Thus Spake Zaratustra", write to "Witching Hour" Rec. Traditional regards to all our friends!