Ostatnie Tchnienie 'zine #1:


Domine Satanas Luciferi Rex Infernus...

1. Few words abot XANTOTOL past...

- Xantotol started in summer 1991 as a duo, i. e. Mala - voc., guit. and I (Venom) - drums. In spring 1992 we are registering demo/reh. "Glory For Centuries". After some time Siwy - bassplayer joins us, and together we are registering demo II "Cult Of The Black Pentagram" in 1993 and "Thus Spake Zaratustra" in 1995. After recording Siwy gets out from the band. Last two products were released by Witching Hour Records.

2. In confrontation with "Cult..." "Thus..." is more interesting, mature, however excess of keyboards makes the first material better. How do you value this?

- It is a matter of taste. There are people who prefers "Cult..." and there are also such people who prefers "Thus...". Personally I don't create any partitions on individual releases in estimating of group achievements. I treat them entirely and I think that it should look like this.

3. "Thus..." cover contains an identical theme as NECROBIOSIS demo "At Dawn Of Suffering".

- In moment of cover project realization we didn't knowed about it, and even if I'd know, it wouldn't change anything. NECROBIOSIS is representative of other scene than we, so I think that it shouldn't disturb anybody. I can only say that guys from Necrobiosis have an excellent taste (he, he, he...)

4. On "Thus..." there is a visible F. W. Nietzsche's influence on your creation. What can you say about his other works?

- Friedrich isn't for me some kind of idol, or a model. He is a man who unconsciously layed the foundations of rise, concretization of present satanistic philosophy. By using his words we wanted to pay homage this great philosopher, who was somehow undervalued, especially by satanists starting their education at this field. Of course I can recommend many of his works starting with "Thus Spake Zarathustra" through "The Twilight of the Gods", "Beyond Good and Evil" to "The Antichrist".

5. Any other thinkers, creators...?

- I try to be opened for all what can be helpful in developing my personality, so with pleasure I'm considering thoughts of many philosophers from those classical to those as much possible present.

6. "All gods have died...". I suspect that you're not attaching importance to belief, religion?

- I am satanist, so I am above the matters of believing. I am a god for me and I don't admit the existence of being, which controls me. Killing inside all the elements of god (gods) dependence is a fundamental condition for someone, who wants to develop on way of satanistic philosophy. However personally I am not seeking for war against religions etc. I have lot of friends identyfying with pagan beliefs and we are understanding one another pretty well. Irritates me only the fact of connecting the satanism with paganism. It is nonsense, and I think that people who are doing this, are morons.

7. This, as the earlier material you've recorded in Kutno, and it were released by Witching Hour Prod. What about this label?

- I am very satisfied with Bartek activity, I have no fault to find with him. We often talk by phone, so I am informed about label doings without delay. Towards the end of summer we will record stuff for CD, which traditionally will be released by Witching Hour Rec. Hail Bart! Hail Witching Hour Rec.!

8. Why don't you use corpse-paint?

- We don't feel any need to do this, besides today it doesn't mean anything yet. Every asshole paints his face to hide his real look, which sometimes reveals the signs of imbecility. There are few persons using corpse-paint and they are doing it with meaning, it has some reason. But all the rest it is just a method for increasing of own attractivity.

9. Which Polish bands deserves for distinction?

- I enjoy very much HERMH and DECEMBER'S FIRE. There are some promising bands more, however the greater part is the heap of varianced, not valuable shit.

10. How do you perceive the place of XANTOTOL at Polish scene?

- I am not specially interested in such specification. I want only that our music will reach those, who need it.

11. What can you say about the scene in Kutno?

- Except us no one here plays Black Metal. There are some good bands, as for e. g. NIGHTMARE. Generally nothing happens here. Dirt and malaria.

12. What do you think about Euronymous output?

- We are thinking that this man was someone special. As the satanist he represented nothing, but in spite of this he managed to do a great work for scene with MAYHEM. I think that Varg for his deed should get scythe under his rib. It is very stupid to die from such moron's hand..

13. Plans for a future?

- We are planning the CD recording and perhaps some live gigs. Beside this we are setting about releasing first demo of my second group - SAURON - from Lowicz.

14. The last breath...

- Big thanks for support Shadow and for all those, who read these words. If someone wants to hear our music, then send 6 zl on address Witching Hour Rec. Writing to Bart or to me for info attach a returnable stamp.

Hail Sathanas!