The Oath Of Death 'zine #2/1995:

XANTOTOL is no longer young band from Kutno. They started in July 1991 with line-up: MALA - guitar, vocal and VENOM - drums. In April 1992 XANTOTOL records first demo/reh - "Glory For Centuries". It contains intro, outro and 4 songs. It is maintained in Doom/Black Metal climate in Hellhammer, Samael style. Few months later SIWY - bassplayer joins the band. In September 1993 they record second demo "Cult Of The Black Pentagram", which consists of intro, outro and three compositions. It is an original music, without any foreign influences. The latest XANTOTOL work is MLp entitled "Thus Spake Zaratustra". About it and other things will tell Venom.

- Hail! You are just after "Thus Spake Zaratustra" registering. Tell us where it became and how was the work upon this stuff.

We recorded "Thus Spake Zaratustra" here, in Kutno. Works was in part tiring, and in part irritating, however in spite of this it gave us joy.

- "Thus Spake Zaratustra". Very interesting and original title...

Yes, title and part of lyrics are adopted from F. Nietzsche's book "Thus Spake Zarathustra". Personally I treasure very much this work and few others from Nietzsche's output.

- Though XANTOTOL exists almost 4 years, you've released only 3 publications. From what reason?

I don't think that our duty is a serial music production. We've recorded three productions because it just worked out like this. Perhaps if we would have more time then there would be more positions. Unfortunately we are learning in other cities, what makes impossible the regular rehearsals .

- In my opinion XANTOTOL plays very original music... Which (in your opinion) groups stands on the top of black metal mountain?

Thanks for appreciation... And in the matter of this mountain, I don't think that it exists. This is not a contest, there are no winners and loosers. There are few groups which I like, as Mortuary Drape, Necromantia or Rotting Christ, however I don't esteem them as "Black Metal Gods" or something like that... These are just solid and interesting crews.

- Which kind of Black Metal do you prefer: this old (Venom, Bathory) or this from 90's?

Groups like Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bulldozer and Bathory are close to me because I brought up on them. However I think that younger groups can be also interesting, on condition that they create music character and some degree of individuality.

- Some people says that suicide is a sign of weakness. And what is your opinion?

Very difficult question... I think that generally suicide is a sign of weakness, however I suspect that there are some conditions justifying such act.

- You are called - "Kings of Abbysic Black Metal". Do you assent to a classification of music?

"Kings of Abbysic Black Metal" is a definition given by "Witching Hour" Prod, not by XANTOTOL. For me personally Black Metal is quite enough, however if someone prefers more pointed definition, then let him use what he wants.

-As you let out your second material again by "Witching Hour", so you have to be satisfied with co-operation?

You've hit the nail on the head! "Witching Hour" is the pure black metal label, which you can trust without any obstacles. Bartek is a man of his word and his help is necessary for us.

- Two most known black scenes are: Norwegian and Grecian. Can Polish scene come up to them?

I don't think so... our scene just lacks for individual sound. In Poland many groups are just next copies of Burzum or DarkThrone, small degree of originality! I suspect that situation will get a little better, but for a long time it will be impossible to talk about "Polish sound". Some good bands are here, but these are only few exceptions.

- How often do you answer for interviews? Do you like it? Which 'zines are the best in your opinion?.

I answer for interviews quite often and it is quite nice... under condition that some moron doesn't ask the questions. I think that "Holocaust" mag., "Dethroner" mag., "Hammer Of Damnation" mag. and "Key of Alocer" mag. are good magazines.

- Do you enjoy life in Kutno?

It is not bad, I have here some friends and I'm accustomed to this place .

- Some people considers love as a false emotion. What do you think about it?

I don't think that love is something wrong, while for sure it is something extremely rare. When you have a woman, it doesn't mean that this is love. It is only a relationship, and love is something a lot deeper!

- It would be the end. Thanks for your time! Tel something more for end...

I also thank you for support! Everyone interested I send to "Witching Hour" Prod, where you can buy our demo II and last MLp/MC and few more profesionally edited releases!
Regards to all friends