Xantotol started in spring 1991 as a duo: Mala - vocal, guitar & Venom - drums. From the beginning group declared themselves as a Black Metal band and to the end of activity they stayed loyal to the Black Metal ideals.

Year 1991 was a pioneer period in Black Metal history, not only in Poland, but also all over the world. Just then Polish Black Metal scene consisted of only few groups, and an unfavourable circumstances caused that there were present only those, who really wanten and needed that.

First months of activity was engaged upon a debut stuff, which was out as a demo reh - "Glory For Centuries" (summer 1991). It contains four compositions (including a Samael cover - Into the Pentagram) plus intro and outro. This production, with Mastomah or Pandemonium recordings, became an impulse for evolution of home Black Metal scene. Thanks to "Glory For Centuries" band came into many very valuable and important contacts and was acknowledged as one of the pioneers of Black Metal in Poland. As for those times this stuff was released in quite a lot size and was available at many distributions all over the world.

In summer 1993 Xantotol recorded "Cult Of The Black Pentagram", which consists of three compositions interlaced by intros. In work by intros, just as by the recordings, was helping Osa from Alastor. Meantime Xantotol took help from Siwy, who was playing the bass guitar. At the opportunity Siwy took help from Xantotol in rehearsals and recordings of his formation - Bicz, which was creating a hard to clasify vanguard music. Bicz, with Xantotol members, recorded two studio and one live productions..

In moment of "Cult Of The Black Pentagram" recording, group received a proposition of CD releasing from Finnish label Hammer Of Damnation Records. Considering the orthodoxal convictions about the production and promotion of Black Metal, this proposition was rejected! Instead the other Polish Black Metal group accepted this offer... Finally stuff was released by the local label specializing in Black Metal - Witching Hour Productions.

After a "Cult Of The Black Pentagram" releasing there was very active period for Xantotol. As the group always declared itself as a band with orthodoxal views and very deep engagement in satanistic philosophy, it had also a response in their activity.

In this time Xantotol brought the very hermetic organization into being - "Fullmoon". This organization came into contact with a leading satanistic organizations all over the world, as for example: "Order of Nine Angel" from England, "Luciferian Light Group" from USA, and also with such authorities as Alberto Vorkt. Xantotol was definitely most closely connected with New Zealand's Collegium Satans - "Order of the Left Hand Path". On the strength of an agreement among "Fullmoon" and OLHP, at Polish ground were distributed didactic stuff and literature prepared by OLHP. In those times it was practically the only source of pragmatic knowledge about 'Satan Cult' in Poland. That kind of situation was being remained by long time, but when the demand for stuff started to exceed the distribution abilities, decision of extending the "Fulmoon" structure with a new members took a place. At the beginning this schema were proving faultless, but with time considering the incompetence of some members organization evaded any control. It ceased being a hermetic organization, and became open to all. With time "Fulmoon" became a forum for creating and promoting of specified persons at the sacrifice of values quality offered by this organization. Considering the above Xantotol cuts itself from "Fullmoon", and soon this organization turnes into "Temple Of Fullmoon", which next became a shelter for wranglers, careerists and demagogues being something like advertising agency for Black Metal "stars". The "Temple Of Fullmoon" adversity was easy to forecast. TOF was absorbed by chaos and fight for power inside the organization.

In consequence of realizing an own ambitions at the sacrifice of organization quality, "Fullmoon" lost the chance for real consolidation of environment interested in propagated subject in Poland. Xantotol meantime had studied their knowledge about 'Satan Cult' and was going its own way, in spite of raging prosperity for lousy pseudo-pagan-satanistic hybrids, which were at variance in itself. The result was a production registered in 1995 - "Thus Spake Zaratustra". It was a full lenght stuff released traditional by Witching Hour Productions and was directed exclusively to underground environment. It has to be stressed that this material, in accordance with title, is based on the quintessence of 'Satan Cult' philospophy, that is on philosopher F. Nietzsche's output, who is to some extent a spiritual mentor for Xantotol and its output. Once again Osa from Alastor helped with the recordings, and all intros were created by Hermh musicians. In spite of not too good times for an orthodoxal Black Metal bands, this stuff met with approbation in a circles for which it was dedicated.

Soon Xantotol started to work upon the new stuff. Satisfied with the co-operation and non-commercial and non-pretentional approach, Witching Hour Prod. label makes an offer of recording and releasing next production. Band was preparing about 60 minutes of music at working titled material - "Czort". Unfortunately, by unknown till now reasons, Witching Hour cancels the recording session, so in the result this stuff isn't registered ever...

In 1996 Venom records demo tape with very promising and interesting Black Metal band from Lowicz - SAURON. The curious detail can be fact that this recording was a real diversion in the rear of the enemies, because all the stuff was registered at catholic radio Plus in Lowicz.

1996, in order of many reasons, Xantotol ends its activity.

Year 2004 brings the decision took together with Kampf Records to re-edit all three positions recorded by Xantotol at one record - "Liber Diabolus : 1991-1996". This production isn't an announcement of returning on the scene and doesn't bring any works related with it. The only reason of "Liber Diabolus" releasing is an enabling of reaching the band achievements for those, who didn't have any occasion to acquaint themselves with Xantotol's output and a tribute for those, who were accompanied Xantotol while group activity and building Black Metal scene in our country.



Mala - guitar, vocal;
Venom - drums;
Siwy - bass.