Strangulation was formed in Karlskoga, Sweden 2001 at Juha Helttunen and Tobias Israelsson initiative. From the beginning intention was to play agressive, brutal and furious Death Metal.

After within a year the band recorded three track demo "Carnage In Heaven". Dennis from Spawn Of Possession and Visceral Bleeding standed then behind the microphone. This stuff got very good opinions and was spread in over 100 publications all over world. In this time John Carlsson is taking over the bass guitar.

In the summer 2003 Strangulation enters the studio with a new vocalist - Rob Lundgren. However Rob disappoints the band expectations and he was replaced by Jonathan O.G.

In August 2003 a new 4 track demo "Withering Existence" was unleashed.

Actually Strangulation ended works at newest full lenght album "Atrocious Retribution" which was released by Retribute Rec. (UK). Instead in August band performed as Vader support at concert in Karlstad (SWE). Just after this show new bassplayer is recruited - Olle Karlsson


Olle Karlsson - bass;
Jonathan O.G - vocal;
Juha Helttunen - guitar;
Tobias Israelsson - drums.