Vampire Magazine:

"Order of Doom"
And this is the second of two demos by Polish Bestial Raids, and this is their latest release. Most of the words I spent on this band in the "Necrowar Holocaust"-demo review also apply to this "Order of Doom", with that difference that this one lacks a bit of that total fukking destruction feeling to it. The dirtiness is still here and the similarities with a band like Beheirt, Blasphemy and Abhorer are still there (for those purists, the first Mayhem recordings can also be seen as an influence) but the true vibe of that first demo is somehow gone, the music is a little faster and the production is cleaner (still dirty as fuk of course, but it now misses the right gut feeling). It will still please many of the anti commercial, anti production black metal warriors out there, and I also like this one, but I prefer the first. That is a bit of a disadvantage of sending to demos together the comparison is quite inevitable - but is not necessarily a bad thing of course either. Besides, if this is the bands' meaning then they achieved their goal, but if I had to decide I'd go for "Necrowar Holocaust".

Reviewed by Felix on June 20, 2005



Born To Die 'zine:

"Order Of Doom "
Mile zlego poczatki byly juz na poprzedniej materiale, a teraz mamy kontynuacje jakze obskurnego, przebrzydlego black metalu. Nadal panowie tworza surowe kawalki bez zbednych pierdól i niepotrzebnej kakofonii dzwieków. Zwiezle, prosto i na temat, inaczej piszac konkretnie i przejrzyscie obrazuja swoje muzyczne fascynacje po raz drugi. Niema najmniejszych watpliwosci, komu oddaja czesc i sluz w wolne soboty.... Chociaz jedna kapela tez sluzyla a dzisiaj gra calkiem, co innego. 16 minut nieglupiej rozpierduchy az dziw bierze, ze nie popieprza nic trakcie grania. Zreszta czy to ktos wylapie! Osobiscie wole pierwsza demówke ta jest odrobine za szybka i tamta wbrew ogólnie przyjetej opinii miala lepsze brzmienie...




Franang 'zine #9:

"Necrowar Holocaust" & "Order Of Doom"
This promo contains both demos from the band ('00 and '04). First of Bestial Raids is into obscure and brutal Black Metal in the vein of early Polish Black Metal. Indeed, this Polish band seems to come from the 90's scene as they sound like early Behemoth, Graveland and so on. The production is typically rehearsal like, with a crude drumming sound and scolding grim vocals over the music. The second demo is much more brutal and stand of the classic Polish B.M. stuff. They sound much more like Blasphemy and Beherit with an apocalyptic structure, full of blasphemic parts, over gained vocals. Here the melodic sides disappear for warlike riffs and ultra devastating ideas. Anyway, this band doesn't stand again the common stuffs. Hail



R' Lyeh 'zine:

"Order Of Doom"
Nastepca "Necrowar Holocaust" jest podobnie jak debiut do bólu garazowym black metalem. Przewaza scream, napierdalanka na garach i brzeczaca gitara. Zespolem interesuje sie ponoc Time Before Time Rec, no ale tu o muzyce mialem. Mamy tu bowiem brudny i surowy black metal. Cóz dodac? Gdyby goscie zaczeli w polowie lat 80-tych, byliby wówczas dobra konkurencja dla Imperator! Pierwszy numer na "Order..." do bólu kojarzy sie z... "Endless Sacrifice". Nie wiem na ile Bestiale sa fanami lodzian, ale wzorzec maja bardzo dobry, wiec byc moze beda z nich ludzie, he he! Zauwazylem tez momentami srednio pasujace do calosci "wcinki" fragmentów growlujacych. Sposób ich zaaranzowania nasuwa nieodparte skojarzenia z Blasphemy, co w wykonaniu BR, psuje deko klimat. Nie ukrywam jednakze, ze bede sie przygladal tej kapeli, bo zapowiada sie naprawde ciekawie.




Diabolical Holocaust'zine #2:

"Order Of Doom"
Bestial Raids is approaching with a second album. More considered and extended than "Necrowar Holocaust", showing a new face of evil and hatred to a whole christian mass. Cultivating the old rules of brutal metal playing. By turning on this bestial outgrowth immediately I've got a kick in ass with these spotless sounds. From the first seconds I heard only bass, so I thought that beginning will be subtle (I was sure that they have still some of jesus in their hearts, but now I've completely got rid of these thoughts and hopes hehe) but guys still are following their way, crouching the paths of chaos, anger, fury, bestial orgies and brutal murders, made me a proverbial dick :) From the very beginning they serve us a chaff, which together with growls causes wetting the drawers in fear. Personally my hairs stood on end (what could be rather impossible, because they are pretty long) during listening to these tracks. Demo is more attractive thanks to all the time changed speed and appeared suddenly solos (they could be a bit longer and more readable). The only thing which irritates me a little are the drums. There are a moments when they are completely drowning the guitar, but as I have rather good hearing I'm catching the single tones of this instrument. However the percussion has more good points than faults. It has good, readable sound. It works very evenly and in slower speeds the drum-beats are so hypnotizing that heart is pumping blood into brain in this rhythm. "Order Of Doom" is a one big battle. It is clear among who and also at which side Bestial Raids stands. For end an Animal Invasion treated us with a war song with gun shots, impacts etc. in a background. The creators of "Necrowar Holocaust" and "Order Of Doom" are undeniable the worshippers of Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Von and in a way Beherit (personally I don't like this band too much), where they are reflecting their worship and fascination at mentioned demos. They for sure are satisfied that they could record and release these stuffs, and I am satisfied that Bestial Raids came into being at all and is representing our native metal scene with dignify.

note: 4,5/6




Heretyk 'zine #2:

"Order Of Doom"
Just before closing this issue we've got, to our huge joy, new Bestial Raids demo. This time, as it was announced, they packed themselves up to some unknown for me K.T.G. Studio, where they registered four tempests. There's no relieving nature in the bushes. There's no dick-licking. There's no: "I'm not drinking today". There's just a hard beating refering to the best traditions of War Metal, on which leaders in Poland is Bestial Raids growing into slowly. If you have Blasphemy, Beherit, Conqueror or Revenge records on your shelfs, then do some place for Bestial Raids disc also. That's just it. With this demo Sadist, Necron and C.Frost proved that they are practically ready to set about some full lenght debut. If only there will be someone, who would like to release it. It is said that just now priests together with cops protested against their performance at "Mercilles East". Although on the other hand, as the Metal history shows, such ill name can often help the band. For now try to get "Order Of Doom" demo and prepare for four fists... in the eye, in the gum, in the skull and in the balls.

Krzysiek Lapicki