Vampire Magazine:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
First of the two Bestial Raids demos I got recently, this one is unoriginally named "Necrowar Holocaust" and displays some dirty old school black metal, the European way. For a change Bestial Raids didn't use the influences from the Norwegian/Scandinavian scene but from bands from the European vast lands like Beherit (beware! Finland is no Scandinavia!), Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Bestial Summoning and some 'exotic' bands like Sarcofago, Bestial Warlust, Abhorer, Impiety, Blasphemy and Von for instance. And indeed, this band comes from Poland and hails the uncommercial side of black metal, the dirty side. The music is really primitive and reminds me of the wacky demo tapes I have from bands I even forgot the names of, but that is also the power of a band like Bestial Raids, class black metal with a 'fuck you' attitude! Fans of Inner Helvete and Lugubre can buy this with their eyes closed…

Reviewed by Felix on June 20, 2005



Born To Die 'zine:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
Gdzies tam kiedys wyczytalem, cos tam na temat BESTIAL RAIDS. Pomyslalem i zaryzykowalem, czego pewnikiem nie bede zalowal, obojetnie, w jakiej to godzinie mego marnego zywota! Miazdzaca dawka nieswietego garazowego black metalu. Ekstremum prostoty w polaczeniu z pokazna dawka surowizny daje niezlego kopa, przez co entuzjastycznie czlek podchodzi do wypustu Bestialskich Najezdzców! BATHORY, BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY - takie nazwy cisna sie na usta sluchajac "Necrowar Holocaust". Po cóz wiecej pisac, kombinowac... Chaos, zgnilizna, siarka.. Wystarczy raz posluchac i kazdy jest w temacie i wie czy siegnie po nastepna demówke! Ja wiem, ze to zrobie, bo juz takowa posiadam...




Necroscope 'zine #14:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
At the first part of this column I reviewed NECROSADIST, now I have a pleasure to present the horde, which seems to follow the similar way as mentioned above. That's very good, that in polish hell there are some bands directed on a primitive, supremely raw and extreme music. BESTIAL RAIDS just worships the classical unholy black metal, exposing the whole of simplicity, severity and of course "evilness" of this music. "Necrowar Holocaust" in principle is the rehearsal, so it is logical that sound strongly smells with a garage, the guitars are not strong enough, but exactly just such sound completes well with a kind, about which we are speaking now. So BESTIAL RAIDS is extremal, what doesn't mean, that it urge only the fastest, "pneumatic" tempos, of course such are also present, as for e.g. in title track, or in "Blasphemy in the Holy Land", when our ears are tortured by a pretty concrete musical holocaust. As pretty often group is using the steady, signed with a daibolical rhythmic chords, which reminds the first garage BATHORY record! All the time we have to do with the most simpliest musical means, but also they have to be adapted with an imagination, and the "Necrowar..." creators seems to have some talent in this matter. All the black orthosox'es just must have it, and I with attention will observe the further sinful vicissitudes of BESTIAL RAIDS.



R' Lyeh 'zine:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
Przegladajac któregos razu "Pawlakowa Trumienke" No.9 natrafilem na recke niejakiej wlasnie Bestial Raids, ze to i tamto, ze brudno, ze zatechle, ze napierdalaja itd. Skrobnalem wiec do chlopaków, aby mi to cus podeslali. Niedlugo czekalem na przesylke, a jak tylko dotarlem do chalupy, zakupujac oczywiscie po drodze odpowiednia ilosc alkoholu, zapuscilem zawartosc koperty i... klasycznie dostalem w ryja... Podoba mi sie takie rzniecie! Dymajac jakas sucz przy dzwiekach tego dema mozna by rozerwac ja od srodka doprowadzajac do rychlego, ale bolesnego zgonu poprzez wykrwawienie do wewnatrz he he! Co do muzyki, to panowie: Necron, Sadist i C.Frost prezentuja tu oprócz intra i outra 6 pozycji utrzymanych w klimatach Blasphemy / Beherit, ale w niektórych momentach nawet poczulem smród Darkthrone, dzieki czemu jeszcze bardziej sie do tej pozycji przekonalem. Ogólnie rzecz ujmujac to zajebista muza i jezeli Panowie utrzymaja ten klimat, kroczac przez korytarze i komnaty podziemia (czego im jak najbardziej zycze!!!), to naprawde bedziemy mieli kapele, której polska scena na pewno nie bedzie mogla sie wstydzic. Ja tam stoje po ich stronie! Zajebiste! Napierdalac wiecej!





"Necrowar Holocaust"
Yessss... it is a not big secret who for guys from Bestial Raids stands for the biggest inspirations - Blasphemy, Beherit, Darkthrone... and everything's clear. Bestial Raids is making a cruel noise. Such title-track "Necrowar Holocaust" is a total cacophony of sounds with how very catching scaning in a "refrain". Production is of course a pure amateurishness. Bass is smashed much to front and it unmercifully ruckles. Drums and guitars has an obvious "tune". Everything what I write is of course a compliments. It has to be like this. Such a fucking convention! That's just it. I supose that convention has completely pressed down as well compositions as all the Bestial Raids essence. Influence of mentioned above on band's work is more than enough evident. Even pseudonyms or cover are just a copies of something what already exists. I understand that War Metal or Necro Metal is ruled by its own law, but next time there could be more originality. Nevertheless Bestial Raids is one of those demo stuffs which I will listen more times that were needed to rig up this rev. Demo program consists of 6 tracks plus intro and outro. In sum 15 minutes of music.


Unholy Kingdom:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
I don't listen Black Metal, but what to do, duty is a duty, so of necessity I had to write this review. However black played by Bestial Raids has something common with grind - it is assigned for "selective" audience, I'm doubting if whichever young fan of cradles or dimmu could be interested in this band. What we can hear for all the duration time of this demo is a sordid, raw, archaic, cold, evil, blasphemous black holded in a spirit of Beherit recordings. We have to do here with a simple compositions, without a shade of virtuosity, in which is dominating sometime uncontrolled element. Musicians visibly don't take care of something such banal as a sound, that's pity, because in my opinion it is the most weak point of their production. But black, especially in such sordid form, has to be like this, and that's all. Worshippers of darkness, who are masturbating by Blasphemy sounds, cutting themselves with razors by Beherit music and listening madly to Conqueror - should be interested. Rate it by yourself - I will not risk, because as I mentioned at the beginning, I don't listen black at all.




Diabolical Holocaust'zine #1:

" Necrowar Holocaust"
Bestial Raids plays cold, cruel and who the fuck knows how Black Metal. Pieces at this disc are moderately short, what cause that it is listened with a pleasure. We have here a furious vocals (second smells with grind), interesting (well, maybe I exaggerated a little) riffs and sharp screwing drums. As for recorded at home conditions demo has not a bad sound (may they only not take my remark personally and record everything still at home - hehe). In sum 15 minutes of Pure Fucking Black Metal. Stuff is opened with interesting intro, while outro is fucked up. At last not every band is ideal but they deserved a plus for intentions (hehe). Keep that way dudes!

note: 4/6


"Necrowar Holocaust"
In last year spring, somewhere near Miedziana Gora, from two young men initiative, a group named Bestial Raids was formed. In the meantime drummer co-opted to this duo. So far band has on their score only two stuffs registered at some rehearsals, and now an opportunity occurs to acquaint with first demo recorded at extemporaneous home studio.

"Necrowar Holocaust" has six tracks (plus intro and outro) of primitive and furious metal full of every possible blasphemies and infamies. Bestial Raids plays brutal, fast and not too complicated, making an inhuman noise. The "contribution" of such situation is in rather poor production. This demo sounds as a typical "garage" - "brass" drums, hollow bass, buzzing in a background guitars. But what can be expected by session recorded in home conditions?

First Bestial Raids release is emitting a blasphemous primitiveness and infernal climate. What a pity that "Necrowar Holocaust" completely doesn't err (I suppose that is good?) on the side of sensible quality. Could be much more interesting. However I think that it completely doesn't matter for all fans of Canadian Blasphemy and Finnish Beherit, because this stuff should exactly take their fancy. And I just will wait for record with much better realization, because not much readable noise doesn't convince me.

Subjective note (from 1 to 10): 5



Multum In Parvo:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
Bestial Raids are progressing well to become in year 2020 the next cult band, which were forced to wear gas-masks because of suffering from a chronic obliteration of sphincters in ass. This what was extricated from their insides notoriously infected their lifes.

Bestial Raids is nothing else like luciferian leucorrhea, which appears in adolescence. Bestial Raids personages doesn't want to mature, and they are conserving their music with stench emanating from Beherit or Blasphemy achievements. I hope that "Necrowar Holocaust" was registered at some mouldy cellar, where beside the grandma jam pots stood the true metal spirit, which has hell-taken influence on Necron, Sadist and C.Frost. Because if an old good PC took part here, then I'm coming down to the garage to sharpen knifes and forks.

This stuff is a piece of simple like Andrew Lepper necro war metal, which by its bestiality could force even Britney Spears to orgasm. The stylistics is so readable that I'm fucking depressed. More, it is enough to unwipe own backside after a thin defecation and vomit from time to time on the chest, then status of extremal legend is absolutely certain.

Though I prefer when such Immolation, Nile or Morbid Angel is pushing me in the ass, but I have no fault to find with Bestial Raids. Who loves that kind of music surely got this stuff at the shelf already, and the rests of gays... on the parade to Warsaw, I'm preparing latex panties right now! Ave the cocoa eye!

Touch wood, but they have really fucking beautiful logo! One shudders to think what Bestial Raids buddies could do, if god would play a trick by sending them to heaven instead of hell. Hmmm? I know, they would be cutting themselves non stop, as becomes a true satanists, and shouting: I want to daddy!

Pawel Gredzinski (6,66/10)




"Necrowar Holocaust"
Bestial Raids is a band formed somewhat above year ago. In this time they had time to record two reh's and rig up from them at own home studio a first demo "Necrowar Holocaust".
And what we can hear accurately on this first demo? First of all noise! Raw, uncompromising and blasphemous noise. From the beginning it is heard that such bands like Beherit or Blasphemy were an example for Bestial Raids musicians. I know that it is just a first demo but guys could add something more 'from themselves'. It is quite nice to listen that, I can't say, but I have still an impression that "I've heard it somewhere before...". In matter of production of course there can be lot of resrevations. Dirty guitars, ruckling bass and brass percussion. However we have to remember that this stuff was registered in home fireside, so suma summarum it is not so bad. I had an occasion to contact with few home-prod. releases, on which there were completely nothing heard...
As for first publication it is quite not bad, those few shortcomings are pardonable. If only band will progress in a right direction and next stuff they'll record at studio, then fans of extreme should have a consolation from them yet!


Note: -7/10


Dusk Forest:


"Necrowar Holocaust"
Well, well! What we have here, 8 tracks of brutal and fast black metal.
Vocals, scream and growl - it fits like a glove to a madly fast, simply psychopathic exhalation.
Lately popular are clear vocals, I haven't found here anyone and let it be like this at the succesors... guitars are closely associated with old Marduk and drums... well, we can argue how many sets of drumsticks drummer broked by creating his parts. It is nice to listen an old raw sound in Beherit or Blasphemy style. It can be said taht compositions "Bestial Raids", "Self-Desecration Inside the Lousy Sanctuary of Christian Lord", "Grind the Head of God", "Blasphemy in the Holy Land" and "Kigdom of Gloom" - are destroying. Intro and outro are creating with them a complete vision of devastation.
The entirety is well worked out and done in perfect trim, in spite of inscription: "recorded at home studio". For those who like to kill without any limitations this record is coming up to their expectations. I recommend it, especially that recorded in November 2003 15-minute's production blows with cold from intro till outro...

/ Krieg /


Innsmouth webzine:


"Necrowar Holocaust" - what can be expected by such titled release? There will be no cute melodies, trim sound, love of every neighbour. There will be rather a sulphur, chaos, ghastly sound and ton of blasphemies, in one word - sound terror named Bestial Raids.

Towards the popularity of such creations like Blasphemy or Beherit, the matter of time was forming a Polish equivalent of them. I don't say at all that we have in Bestial Raids instance to deal with an average copy; quite the reverse - in spite of evident inspirations, it can be felt a dose of individualism. I like the consistency, enthusiasm in playing of this hard in perception and simply sick music. Of course these tones are very hermetic and rather will not meet with approbation beyond the environment knowing what is the point of such playing, however I suppose that Bestial Raids musicians completely doesn't care a straw, and there is no chance for interview in Mystic Art.

What is the most important - these six compositions (plus intro and outro), in spite of some similarity, doesn't bore and tire during listening. It is worth to mention because not always (especially among the new bands) wish of playing an uncompromising music becames into interesting tones. Here it is succeeded.

To summarize - if you are starting your day from Anaal Nathrakh and falling asleep by Bestial Warlust or Beherit, then Bestial Raids for sure will take your fancy. Personally I'm very curious about the form of their next stuff and I'm frankly recommending "Necrowar Holocaust" because it is a piece of really excellent, barbarous music!

note: 8+/10



Brutal Vomit 'zine:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
Lately lot of hordes was multiplied which are worshipping an "old cults". I don't know if it is good or not, if it can be said about a trend, I will concentrate here on music created by three of enthusiasts. "Necrowar Holocaust" is a first stuff after two reh.tapes, which guys decided to promote widely. In sum they have nothing to be ashemed of. The sound is raw, but rather readable in order to find that Bestial Raids is screwing well. Six pieces of extreme black metal in Blasphemy sort, sometimes it smells also with Norwegian sulphur. We will live some time and see, perhaps from a little dragon as Bestial Raids is, will grow a horrific beast, hehe?



Kultura Industrialna:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
I feel like vomiting when I think how many we have black metal hordes in Poland! Most members of these "bands" as a rule hates the summer and sun, at photos makes evil faces, and own shortages hides under a coats of artifical blood or behind gas-masks, and those kilograms of nails on hands and legs... The worst is that music doesn't follow after all these poses. It is most often the incoordinate noise with hopeless vocal and sound - generally it stinks of shit! Fortunately there are also bands, which beside the doubtless threatening image, apply themselves to created sounds, and to this group I would count also BESTIAL RAIDS coming from somewhere near Kielce. Together with first demo, that is "Necrowar Holocaust" I've got also a flyer, which in short words says about not long and interesting band history, and about a bands which the most strongly influenced on creators of this stuff. Among the many less or more known bands there appeared such legends as Beherit, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Von and Sarcofago. And for the fucking first time the contents of a promo-flyer agrees with the record contents :) The entirety starts from (how it could be otherwise :)) short but ominous intro, and later there is only black metal storm in a severe, simple and vulgar style. Songs are rather differentiative, but most often we hear strongly thrash sounds (Bestial Raids, Self-Desecration Inside the Lousy Sanctuary of Christian Lord, Grind the Head of God, Blasphemy in the Holy Land), which sometimes reminds me Sarcofago. However soon our hearing organs are striked with an intensive and integrated attack, like it was took from Conqueror records (Necrowar Holocaust, Kingdom of Gloom) and then it is not too merrily yet, because not every maniac stands such a dose of chaotic and dirty black metal. Home production assured the fucked-up sound, buzzing guitars generates however a quite interesting riffs (didn't I heard by chance some solo parts there?!), and brass drums aren't so irritating as at most such demos. I have to admit that I enjoy more the first BESTIAL RAIDS visage, but for sure you will not be bored or tired by hearing all of this production, because 6 tracks placed at "Necrowar Holocaust" takes just 14 minutes of music. For end we are getting maintained in a similar climates as the beginning, outro, which breaks off strangely, or maybe it is only the matter of my copy... at most I'll be more "true" having such version :) It is worth to mention that Sadist, C.Frost and Necron - the musicians playing under BESTIAL RAIDS sign doesn't laze and they just recorded new demo "Order Of Doom", which came more in a direction of brutality and chaos under mark of Conqueror or Revenge, but in my opinion first release is better. One thing that didn't changed is the indescribable logo, and at least for looking at this small "work of art" I recommend to acquaint with this music.



Bad Taste #1(4)/2004:

"Necrowar Holocaust"
It could be appeared that retro-playing trend has got choked by its own tail, but it till can spit out the interesting productions. If only such trend has ever appeared, but it is a subject for a separate par. I don't know if using of "retro" term isn't just improper, but it looks like the band intended that by itself. The associations are clear just after track-list reading, all others are shattered after looking in biography. "Barbarous Black Metal in Beherit, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Von, Conqueror, Impiety style" - I can afford to have a little different opinion, at least for a matter of how popular bands starting on "be". Bestial Raids production haven't got this specific, dark Beherit climate, haven't got this tamed Blasphemy chaos, not mentioning the Conqueror, but it has lot of other goodies, which are distinguishing this group from a band of ragamuffins, which after dressing up in nails and registering a reh with zero-audibility, are claiming in their own opinion to being a "cult". First of all Bestial Raids knows how to play. It isn't after all a remarkably hard art, considering the degree of compositions complexity and arrangements, however guys are cutting straight and with a dash, what is already a pretty big achievement in a group of dismal adherents of theory that ideology is more important than music. Besides they have a head for creating of not bad hits, what isn't maybe so similar to the bands, which entered on Metal encyclopaedias, but I'm associating them with all these demos of bands from different exotic places, which used to be collected with a pleasure. Question - what next? Some record registered in a good studio? Who will release it? Next ten demos? How many yet? Ach... those dilemmas... I will peep at those three Naughty Nasties from Under the Bridge, because I like very much music and demoniacal vocals at this demo.