Necroscope 'zine #16:

"Hellish Assault "
I forgot to review their demo "Order of Doom" in the previous issue, though there was full informative interview, so everything should be fine, I think. Now the band is coming with the new stuff, which is played in the same, most extreme vein as mentioned "Order of Doom". It's labeled as promo, but the sound would points on rehearsal. So, "Hellish Assault" is rawest recording, only for most dedicated freaks. I'm such totally metal head (he, he), so I appreciate BESTIAL RAIDS' assault a lot!!! How I couldn't, if they worship by their music the golden years of black/death metal, when world was poisoned by such devils as SARCOFAGO or BLASPHEMY. All 4 tracks are played fastest, in most extreme way and they are characterized of THIS ancient, hellish spirit. Of course BESTIAL RAIDS isn't original, uses only simplest means, so I don't recommend their music to so called "open minded" fans. Traditionally they played also a cover, this time it's "Grave desecration", which deals very well with the band's own creation. BESTIAL RAIDS will never record clear, professional albums for mainstream label, this is exactly underground act, for underground worshipers only. Enjoy!!!