Necroscope 'zine #17:

BESTIAL RAIDS / SKELETON BLOOD "Forever reign humagony"
First ofall I have to clear one particular thing, this split isn't spread generally, it's made only for bands and friends, nobody wants to promote it amongst the scene. Maybe the reason of this "personal" character of the record is it's sound, because you must know, that both bands are participating on the cassette with rehearsals. Their sound is totally raw and poor, for me it's OK, but a common, internet metal head will hate it surely! BESTIAL RAIDS; our old guest has 6 tracks (known from demos), including IMPALED NAZARENE cover. The style of murdering should be known you definitely, so I don't describe it... SKELETON BLOOD comes to Polish hell from United States, besides I reviewed them in one of the previous issues. Of course, like their Polish comrades, the Americans are intended to the most extreme and hellish stuff! Even I have to admit, that they got a little better sound than Poles! Besides I prefer surprisingly SKELETON BLOOD in live version than on the demo. Surely it'll change in the future, when they'll record a new demo or album, however meantime I'm dreaming to see them on a stage... Here I got 5 killer black metal blows + intro & outro. The cassette came with Xerox cover, made in the pure underground way, the beginning of 90's are still alive!!!! If you are a collector of raw, underground recordings, get in touch with these killers!!!