Panzerfaust 'zine #4:


I wondered recently where did all these BEHERIT / BLASPHEMY / old school bands come from suddenly? I mean, for so many years these two black metal hordes (and others of this style, like BESTIAL WARLUST) weren't much influential and suddenly two, three years ago everyone started to name them as their main source of influence... and basically play just like these two used to. How would you explain it? Is it kind of new trend; even if such bands won't sell many CDs, still they could be seen as "cool" for their old school approach?
Maybe it's because many maniacs started to feel tired with all that softness in metal sound, keyboards and stuff?
What's your explanation and finally, how was it with BESTIAL RAIDS? Why did you start to play that kind of music? Do you treat BESTIAL RAIDS as kind of tribute to these ancient acts?

Well, we started to play not for any stupid trend or something. Always were few UG bands, which played old school (CONQUEROR, BLACK WITCHERY, IMPIETY etc. for example), not only in few last years! I think this type of Metal became more "popular"; only in few stupid heads and they talk about trend. Tell me how many bands play this sort of Metal and how many play grind / death for example? I don't know why more bands started to play now old school. I don't care. We play for ourselves but we don't deny that old bands had influence for BESTIAL RAIDS! Fuck yes, I'm bored with all this new-coming "metal" bands. I have no problem with keyboards, actually well used can make music more dark, but many stupid gay shit assholes forget that fucking guitars and drums are Metal instruments!!!

It's obvious that such old school style doesn't give many opportunities for development, use of new ideas... It's very narrow style. So, in that case do you care if BESTIAL RAIDS won't get their own identity and sound? Is originality something you care about? Finally, honestly I think that most of that BEHERIT / BLASPHEMY / SARCOFAGO, etc bands is the same; same music, same image, words in interviews... And honesty, BESTIAL RAIDS is also the same... Doesn't it bother you?

I don't think that is narrow style. Black Metal is not any fucking rat-race or something, I don't play to show my skills to someone! And how do you think, what image we could have? Stupid track-suit or something? Fuck no! Extreme music demands extreme image and attitude! I don't care if someone says that we haven't own identity! I know who I am and any stupid dick-head shouldn't say anything about me! And what is original now? Please tell me.

He, he... My provocation works brilliantly!!!
Aren't you surprised sometimes that such bands as BESTIAL RAIDS, BLASPHEMY RITES, NOCTURNAL VOMIT, THRONEUM, etc get such good reviews nowadays? It's interesting that so many maniacs write positive reviews to such hordes, even if the sound is bad for average listener and sometimes technical skills, drumming is far from ideal. How are the opinions about your two demos?

I think that sound of THRONEUM or NOCTURNAL VOMIT is fucking bestial, ugly as metal should be! I am surprised by fact that "Mr. Redactor"; of some fucking webzine in one review write that metal should be clear and selective and in next one he write that BESTIAL RAIDS sounds like UG Metal should sounds. Is it any schizophrenia? In my opinion in Metal counts not any skills or clear sound, but spirit and wicked message. Reviews of our stuff were in many cases good and I am generally very surprised with opinions about our demos.

How long did it take you to record "Order of Doom"? Would you agree with opinion that basically most of the high budget albums, well produced and recorded during sometimes two months long sessions don't have soul, spontaneous metal feelings, etc? And metal albums become another selling products, which have to satisfy and entertain people? Do you treat metal as entertainment? Is there any place for fun in BESTIAL RAIDS? How's the atmosphere during the recording of "Order of Doom" for example? How much are you satisfied with the final result?

Recording session of "Order of Doom" did take few days of dark, spontaneous desecration For example I recorded parts of bass guitar and vocal with first attempt. I don't care if there any small mistakes, really. We are satisfied with final result! Metal should be true, ugly and spontaneous and in case of BESTIAL RAIDS few months session is inadmissible. Metal is my life and I can't talk about this like a fun or something! If someone treat UG Metal like entertainment can fuck off and die in torment!

Personally I see "Order of Doom" as kind of step further comparing it to "Necrowar Holocaust" - both in song writing and sound. I guess that you'll continue to develop like this, next release of BESTIAL RAIDS will have strength of fuckin' thousand nuclear bombs! How are new bestial anthems then? When should we expect to see the mushroom cloud? Finally, is there any chance to see "Order of Doom" on vinyl once? Maybe with some bonus tracks, covers or something?

Thanks for Your opinion! I also think that "Order of Doom" is our better stuff but I like "Necrowar Holocaust". "Order of Doom" is more chaotic, twisted and bestial than our first demo. We did this stuff all together while "Necrowar Holocaust was created by C.Frost and me, without percussion.
We recorded 3 new tracks and we searching label for split EP with NOCTURNAL VOMIT. New stuff is more bestial than both our stuff! You will see. "Order of Doom" will be re-released by SICK CHAINSAWS Prod, from Thailand as 4 way split CD with ABAZAGORATH, DECAYED and ZYGOATSIS. Sunyalux from SICK CHAINSAWS and ZYGOATSIS is also searching label for vinyl version of this CD. What will happen, we'll see.

How were the band's beginning? You started as OBSESSED and recorded two rehearsals... Was it difficult to start the band, in matter of equipment, deciding about band's style, composing first tracks and completing the line up? How were these two old recordings sounding like, any plans to release them?

No, we did not start as OBSESSED. Our name from beginning was BESTIAL RAIDS. OBSESSED is Death Metal band and I am vocalist and Necron is drummer there. I started to play as BESTIAL RAIDS with C.Frost, but our first stuff was created long before we formed our band. Of course at beginning was hard but we are wilful bastards and lack of good equipment was any problem then. On our two rehearsals are tracks from "Necrowar Holocaust" demo but in rawest versions. We don't plan to release them.

You've co-operated with two small Polish labels so far - KAMPF and TIME BEFORE TIME Records. What are your reflections on their activities? I've heard also that you'll participate on several split releases soon, for example with SKELETON BLOOD, NOCTURNAL VOMIT, DECAYED (you've already mentioned something about it)... Some really great names there! So, are you satisfied with how everything goes for BESTIAL RAIDS?

I am fully satisfied! Fellows from KAMPF very helped us at the beginning and they have my great respect now. Same thing with TIME BEFORE TIME, small but perfect for bands like BESTIAL RAIDS. I like the profile of Tom's label very much. Both of them very helped us. Now we waiting for release of split-tape with SKELETON BLOOD (there will be our rehearsal) through SODOMISTIC RITUALS (USA); 4 way split CD with DECAYED, ABAZAGORATH, ZYGOATSIS and our "Order of Doom" demo through SICK CHAINSAWS Productions. Also, as I said we searching label for split EP with NOCTURNAL VOMIT I am glad that we can share releases with such great UG bands!

What are the most underestimated bands in metal history, in your opinion? Don't you think that such acts as BESTIAL WARLUST, SADISTIC INTENT, VON and many others deserve for much more respect?

Yes and no. Well I think that bands you had mentioned are cult in world UG and they deserve for total respect, but from the other side they are unknown to flock of dumb internet-idiots and I think that is good.

Tell me how do you react on such mistake as Christian (unblack) metal? Just recently I've discovered Christian metal webzine,, which promotes some unworthy bands I hardly can even accept existence of. Anyway, I guess you've heard such names as HORDE, MORTIFICATION, ILLUMINADI... I won't ask you about your opinion about them, but rather try to find any reasonable cause for their existence? How can anyone call something what's Christian as metal, not to mention black metal? Hey, here's one funny sentence from HORDE review (don't puke while reading this!): "...This music is positive. Jesus also likes metal, if it's played for him. So, why black metal couldn't be a tool in Christ's hands as well? HalleCHUJA!!! This album proves how stupid Satan is... BLE, BLE, BLE..." Any comment?

Ha, ha, ha. Christian "black metal", that was good. They all deserve for gas-chamber! I have nothing more to say.

How is BESTIAL RAIDS in live action? Did you manage to shred some souls and have naked bitches on the crosses he, he? What do you think about Fenriz's statement from TERRORIZER Magazine, where - after Nocturno Culto played with SATYRICON some DARKTHRONE's anthems - he said: "It disgusts me to see 40,000 people watching a black metal concert and enjoying themselves"?

We play in total amok, and we desecrate the holiness! We are more bestial than in case of our recordings. Black Metal is for playing in small clubs for die-hard maniacs only! Not for fucking mass of 40,000 accidental people. This is my opinion.

To conclude this interview - BESTIAL RAIDS lyrics deal with such topics as death, misery, pain, Satan, hate, war... Can you tell me, since you're glorifying death - is life really all that bad? Maybe it's not worth of living?

I think that is too many people on this world. They all think about themselves that they are someone special. Fuck, I think most of humankind is fucking flock of lambs following behind their leaders and saviours. Their lives are nothing to me. I hope that someday they all will kill themselves.
Thanks for interview HAIL HUMAGONY!!!

Interview: P666