Necroscope metalzine #15:


Attention!!! The new killer is coming from Polish hell! It's obvious that our underground is turning slowly to most extreme, rawest, truly hellish music again and this great process touched my country too! More and more metal heads declare their fascination of such devilish noise, which seems to be in opposition to the clear, professional, sometimes sweet recordings released on biggest labels. Ones of these underground warriors are the person from the band BESTIAL RAIDS, which torture our metal ears with weird demo(the 2nd. one) entitled "Order of Doom". So, if you are crazy on the raw, barbaric ,old school black/death metal, if you grew up at the sounds of SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY, you should read now, what had to say the vocalist and bassist named in nice way - Sadist.

-Hail Sadist! Let me start the interview with a pretty strange question. I would like to talk about an awesome BEHERIT's story. When the band was active, had recorded the first two albums, most of the maniacs, journalists (especially) judged them as a very poor, hopeless band. Then, in these days, 13 years later, it's in a good taste to listen to the BEHERIT, they have got cult status in the underground... What you say, don't you see any similarities between Finnish black metal horde and the great painter Vincent van Gogh, who has begin appreciated only his death, hehe?
Satanic Hails Adam! Well, I'm not sure that van Gogh was an artist, while BEHERIT played metal of death! I don't think that is any sort of art. When I have heard BEHERIT the first time - "The oath of black blood" I started to worship this ancient band. I agree with you, that listen to BEHERIT is in good taste now, but I have no problem with that until it's sincere. Many of journalists of official press still spiting at BEHERIT and are writing that it was poor, hopeless band. But in the underground they have a cult status (they deserved for it in my opinion), cause they were one of the first bands which played satanic, obscure Metal of Death!!!

-As you surely know, many people say about the new trend for extreme, raw, so called desecrating black metal in these days and bands such as: BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY etc. Indeed more and more freaks identify with this style and bands mentioned above. But from the other hand we haven't got too many acts in this style, compared to the death, death/grind at least. Why in your opinion? Is it so specific music, which needs most extreme individuals?
Fuck all these narrow-minded, idiots who say such stupid words! What trend? I don't see it! Indeed maybe in last time more than a few bands play this total, desecrating sort of black metal, but I don't think that it is trend. Let those idiots tell me how many bands play metal in this style and from the other hand, how many play in the vein of MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, IMMOLATION? I have no problem with this sort of music, but let those fools tell me, is it not any trend!? Fuck it! There is a trend for talking about trends... I think that raw, underground metal (especially raw black metal) needs extreme and devoted maniacs only!!! This is my opinion.

-And what have you against such bands as polish CRIONICS for example? Too much keyboards and melody? And maybe you hate just their pseudo-professional attitude, their clear, expensive sound? For me the problem it's not any keyboards, clear sound, heads in clouds, big labels - but pseudo-metal heads, kids who limit themselves to official albums, to what is written in colour-full mags and don't know nothing about the underground and bands like BESTIAL RAIDS for example. Do you agree with me?
I hate bands as the CRIONICS and other shitty revelations, which after one demo or promo want to sign contract and fuck the underground! They all profane the name of Metal. I agree with you that is no problem of sweet music or fucking keyboards. I think they all want to sell more and more beauty albums and walk with their dumb heads in clouds. And if they don't sell thousands of CD's they left the band and a music. I don't care do they know BESTIAL RAIDS, I hope not!

-But however it's obvious that BESTIAL RAIDS is one of the most promising bands in the underground, even if we are talking about world wide generally! Yes, I know that you created the band and play extreme metal just for yourselves (and for Satan obviously), but it will be pleasant to achieve great respect, recognition from audience like (for example) REVENGE and BLACK WITCHERY have got on the scene? Generally, have you any real plan of the band's evolution, career for nearest years?
Thank you for your words my friend! I think that there are a few better bands in the world UG, but we don't give a fuck! Of corpse we play Metal for ourselves, but if few truly devoted maniacs like our music, I'm glad of corpse! But I don't reflect about it a lot... I think the bands you had mentioned, deserve for respect. Their music sounds like true fucking Metal should sounds! I don't like to think about a future. I planning only a few months forward (about new songs, what we will record etc.). I absolutely do not planning any revolution with the band or something. I'm sure only that I'll be banging my fucking head for Metal and Devil in future. Be sure!

-I am! Ok, let's concentrate on your both demos. The first one, titled "Necrowar Holocaust" I would like to separate for two parts. The first one with the songs: "Bestial Raids" and "Self Desecration Inside the Lousy Sanctuary of Christian Lord" - it's a classical, even common black metal inspired by the old DARK THRONE, BATHORY and maybe PROFANATICA... The songs are very simple but quite interesting as well, with many tempos changes, the mix of extreme and catchy riffs. I suspect they're your first compositions, your technique was poor then, so you decided to diversify the music possible mostly. Am I right?
No, you are wrong. We didn't diversify our music because we couldn't play! Our first tracks were made by me and C.Frost without percussion. So music wasn't played at rehearsals and it was more simply then. We composed this material at home with influence of alcohol for glory of Devil and ancient gods of Metal. At the beginning we played more - let's say - catchy that's right. "Bestial Raids" - the track was our the first one and it was ready even year before we rise our band. In fact most of our first songs were created before we started to play together... I don't calculate my work. I play what I want to play, that's all... I'm impressed by bands you had mentioned and probably influence of the old BATHORY and even DARK THRONE happen in our songs, I don't deny it.

-The second part of the debut are the rest 4 tracks, played with much more extreme way, faster, more intense with a little harder, twisted riffs. I think these songs started a real BESTIAL RAIDS crusade, the history, they had to prepare audience for your next attack, right?
Tracks that we made all together are: "Necrowar Holocaust", "Blasphemy in the Holy Land" and in fact it was the beginning of "real" BESTIAL RAIDS cause since Necron joined the band, we started to play "normal" rehearsals and our music evolved in black/death metal desecration. We always wanted to play chaotic, twisted and bestial songs for glory of Satan. Of course our first tracks was only beginning of chaos that we decided to create. I think we can create even more bestial holocaust in future. You will see.

-Yeah, with wild pleasure!!! "Order of Doom" - the second demo, it's a killer stuff, one of the best which I have heard in the last months!!! This is devastation on the highest level and curiously recorded only 8 months after the debut! How is it possible, that during so short time the band was able develop so much?
Again thanks for your words! Well, not after 8 months, cause when we were recording "Necrowar Holocaust", we had one new song already. "Order of Doom" sounds just like we want (maybe only guitars are too quiet). I think the reason that you are talking about our development is the fact that our second demo we created together, from the beginning to the end, while "Necrowar..." was composed from single riffs by me and C.Frost. "Order of Doom" was created at our rehearsal place with Necron and he could add to our riffs more drum-slaughter and twisted rhythms than in case our first stuff. That's our secret, hehe...

-Let's talk about influences which I have heard on the "Order of Doom". In the title track we have got slowdowns in the vein of "The Gate of Nanna" cult song, the track "Humagony" it's apparently chaotic mayhem in the vein of ARCHGOAT. But first of all the demo is inspired by BLASPHEMY and SARCOFAGO, even I can say that these both ancient Gods are like BESTIAL RAIDS parents! How do you feel as the son of Gods, hehe???
We are absolutely not any sons of gods! They are gods for us, it's fact. SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY had a huge influence on us ("INRI", "Fallen Angel of Doom" are the best LP's in history of black metal for me), but not only them. I can mention such my musical inspirations as: BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, old IMPALED NAZARENE, BESTIAL WARLUST, CONQUEROR, old MAYHEM, VON, NECROVORE, IMPIETY etc. Our spiritual attitude is inspired by more other ancient bands, not only black/death metal cults, but also by old thrash or heavy metal bands. Matter of influence is very individual topic. The bands I had mentioned are my inspiration. Something else you can hear from C.Frost and Necron and something else you can hear by your own.

-Sure! "Order of Doom" it's first of all bestial, fast devastation in the ancient black metal vein. But we must admit also, that your music is quite intense, technical (short stabbing solos in the title track and "Humagony") and complex stuff, when we think about black metal generally. Can it be (I mean about technical, complex songs) your the greatest mark, trump in a future, the way to creating something unique in black metal genre?
I don't think that I am a good bass player or vocalist. I just take my bass guitar and devastate the strings as more I can! Yes, when we think about black metal generally, BESTIAL RAIDS - music is more chaotic, twisted. But I think that we play old school black/death metal in general. In future also we want to create chaotic, bestial destruction and I don't know if we can create something unique. We just want to attack humanity with our Metal of Death! That's all.

-OK, do it! Let's change the subject now. "Order of Doom" - it's not an accidental, trivial title as I suspect, right? I mean, BESTIAL RAIDS it's not a common band, but something like an order of individuals with concrete goals, the same attitude and views. Am I right? Introduce us the order of BESTIAL RAIDS, if you can...
You have fucking right! The title is no fucking accidental. We are brothers of Metal with the same attitude. We worship fall of morality of humankind. Our religion is Humagony. What can I say about us? In fact we are the order of individuals and I can say nothing more except that to you, about Necron and C.frost and me.

-So, tell me something more about the lyrics. I didn't read them, but after the titles I can suspect that they're misanthropic, against human race or maybe am I wrong? What have you against human kind and please don't say about Christian sheep and other so banal things!?
We have very complex lyrics. I think that is poetry of war against worthless human race. The beginning of "Misanthropic Obsession" is like switching on detonator, the kill of rest of "human" inside of me, while "Humagony" is "...cursed matrimony of sword and blasphemy...". I do not only spitting at Christianity but on humanity at all. Look at them. They all think how to fuck you up and follow that they smiling to you. This is fucking rat race for "better tomorrow". But when tomorrow will not come they all will go to the church, to their god and pray for one more chance. But this chance will not come. What a pathetic hypocrisy. I hope that I will see their end!

-Of course human race is full of poor, stupid creations, which don't deserve to be named as a "man". But from the other hand history abounds with great individuals in various spheres of our life. Where do you see the reasons of so huge differences in human intelligence? It seems that a part of human kind didn't develop since "Cro-Magnon" times...
Yes, you are right. Not all of "humans" are the same. I know few, worthy of attention people and only with them I try to spend my life. Rest of human kind they are worms to me. History shows how all those individuals were treated. Mostly with scorn and hate. I think that is good, cause rest of those "normal" people is behind the fence of history to them... I can't find any sensible reasons, it's simple, some part of humanity is more intelligent individual while the other one is dumb flock of sheep. I think that not evolution have influence for that, but bases of morality. For example: For me more worthy is some philosopher from 19th Century than a present dumb internet-idiot, which thinking only about that, how many mp3's he will steal from net. Fukk!

-Isn't it amazing that while our civilization has developed so much; in science, technical and medical spheres for example, most of people still believe in ancient legends, myths created in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Israel thousands years ago and transferred in the Christian, only true canons later? I think most of those people don't believe in the myths for years only in a "tradition". Can you agree with me?
I think that "traditions" which Christianity stolen from ancient civilizations are very important to them. All know that Christian religion is nothing more than thievish sect and all bases of their religion it's all that they believe in with this "tradition" Christian sheep can not see "real world" and all of them are controlled by "word of god". If they could only read something more than their holy book, they could see that bases of their religion is stolen from other, older cultures. And the best of it is a fact that all their leaders say that this is their "old or new testament". Of course I can appreciate legacy of Egypt, Greece or Mesopotamia but I live in real world and I believe in that what can see or explain with my senses.

-Well, let's get back to the BESTIAL RAIDS. You haven't got too many chances to play gigs so far. But I know, that you have ambitions to play possible many shows and make on a stage pure holocaust, right? Tell us a few words, how looks this "holocaust" performance? And have you any special conditions concerning bands with whom you have to play? For example, would you like to play with CRIONICS, hehe???
We want to play so many gigs as it's possible. And we also can play with CRIONICS too if it's necessary. We are underground band and we must take our chances for playing live-shows. We aren't a sort of rock-stars which can not play with this or that band. Of course we prefer to play with UG bands and friends but all know what are the realities in the underground, especially in Poland. What can I tell you about our gigs? We play in total amok and desecrate holiness. We are loud and aggressive. If someone want to see perfection and smiling faces can fuck off! We are ugly as metal should be!

-Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!! What can you tell us about KAMPF records? This is your small label, if I'm not wrong (yes I'm wrong, but later about that) which released "Necrowar Holocaust" and the Swedish STRANGULATION, right? How came off co-operation with Swedes? Do you plan to release any more demos from worldly underground?
No, KAMPF records it's not my label! This is label of Marcin and Murcki from 7 GATES Mag. Marcin wrote to us when he has heard our "Necrowar..." demo and said that he can re-release this stuff as pro-CD-R. We had no problem with that cause in that time we prepared stuff for "Order of doom" already and promotion of our first material was abandoned then. They helped very much us in first period of our existence. Besides they still support us. Satanic hails to Them! With case of STRANGULATION co-operation probably proceed in the same way. Now they re-released all old XANTOTOL stuff at digi-cd.

-Yes, I know, even wrote to them with offer of trade for this XANTOTOL stuffs, but will never get an answer probably... And what about the TIME BEFORE TIME which had to release "Order of Doom"? This demo has got a decent promotional package, so you had to spread it worldwide among various labels, I guess...Are there any effects of your promotional efforts?
With TIME BEFORE TIME co-operation looks in the same way as with the KAMPF. Tomasz has heard our "Necrowar..." stuff and he wanted to release our next demo "Order of doom". Together we decided that we join the tape our first demo too, cause I wished to have our stuff on a tape format. I am glad that he released our demos cause the profile of his label/distro is right for BESTIAL RAIDS. Of course some maniacs (thank you Skalpel and Skullcrusher too, very much!) and we spread this stuff in world UG too. Effects of course appeared. SICK CHAINSAW rec. from Thailand will re-release our "Order of Doom" demo on CD and maybe vinyl too in February of 2005 as three way split with ABAZAGORATH (USA), and ZYGOATIS (Thai). Except that, small label from USA - SODOMIC RITUALS will release our rehearsal as a split tape with SKELETON BLOOD. The same label will release "Tribute to BEHER1T" and we joinded this project too with "Grave Desecration". Beside that we searching a label for split EP with NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Greece).

-OK, thanks a lot for the interview! You are the person, who torments usually people by extreme music. And how is it to be tormented by boring questions from a small zine, which even isn't sold in musical shops?
Thanks to you Adam too for a great interview and possibility of appearance in your zine. It was honour to me. This torment was hellish, hehe... keep the flame of real underground burning! We planning to play some gigs in Poland, if someone is interested about info, just write to me: Lukasz Adach, Tumlin-Wykien 87, 26-085 Miedziana Gora, Poland. Thanks for support to all devoted maniacs! Hail Humagony!