Diabolical Holocaust'zine #2:


1. Hail Sadist! What interesting can you tell us? Because I just left the toilet and I feel wonderful after I got rid of needless kilogrammes (he he)..

Hail! I'm torturing myself for the next time with "War Cult Supremacy".

2. How's your family? They're still alive (hehe)?


3. Ok, enough of this chat. Lets pass to the hard facts. Where from the idea for band creating? Who is twanging on what instrument?

We formed this order to spread a blasphemy in every possible form. In Bestial Raids I, i.e. Sadist, am screaming and plucking the 4 strings, reverend C.Frost is cutting the guitar and Necron is devastating the drums.

4. How did you managed to find those musicians at such out-of-the-way place as Miedziana Gora (I mean no offence)?

Only I live in this place (Tumlin), reverend C.Frost is from Kielce, and Necron from Zagnansko. We know each other for a long time, so there were no problems with playing.

5. Why did you decided to record so infernally-strong pieces? By what you were guided when you recorded those compositions? Did you wanted to prove something?

At first we are not proving anything to anybody, we are playing what we like, and if it works out a hell from it, that's good. Talking that we are playing to prove something to somebody pisses me off. We are Bestial Raids and we are playing Bestial Raids music, no matter if someone likes it or not.

6. With what opinions met your "Necrowar Holocaust" demo?

For now is good. I didn't see all the reviews, so I will not generalize, but from what I was reading this stuff were received well. That's for sure because we didn't sent this demo wherever in order to be famous, but only to labels, 'zines and people who have some recognization in this music. I'm not interested in opinions of stupid assholes for which Black Metal ends on some crionics.

7. The compositions from this demo are demolishing the brain with its extremity. Will your next releases be kept in the same style? Or we can expect some melodic and slow songs?

New compositions are the pure fucking holocaust! You'll wait and see. They are faster, more chaotic and even more fucking bestial. Bestial Raids doesn't play slow and melodic songs.

8. What does your parents think about this (hehe)? They are approving of your doings? Are they proud that they have so much musically talented sonnys (hehe)?

I don't care a straw.

9. Are you satisfied from "Necrowar..." releasing? Are you interested in opinions which are circulating in the underground about it, or rather you are pissing on it, as most of others (hehe)?

Of course that we are satisfied from our demo releasing, if we were not then we wouldn't record it. We are not perturbed by opinions of the others. We have our own fucking mind, taste, and we know what we like.

10. Are you planning to go to the professional studio, or will you continue recording in home conditions?

New stuff will probably be registered at some studio, but better don't expect from us some kind of icing, triggers etc.

11. What bands or persons (except the Satan) had inspired you during the recording of demo compositions?

We are being inspired by many bands, I think that I don't have to mention them. Someone who is a maniac and will listen our music, will know who is concerned.

12. What are the plans connected with the band? What do you intend to record in a nearest time?

Around the vacation we want to record second demo "Order Of Doom" and some other pieces, which we'll use in a future. We would like to make as big live holocaust as it could be, but the time will show, how it will appear.

13.Warming your asses in a warm arm-chairs did you received some contract offers?

Kampf Records have re-released our demo "Necrowar Holocaust" with changed cover on CD-R. If nothing will change then on autumn, thanks to Tomasz and Time Before Time, there will appear "Order Of Doom" on tape.

14. Did you took a part in some stage blasphemies?

Till now we played one piece, but there were chaos and destruction! At our performances the most important is the element. Everyone who wants to watch some fucking leaping and staring into griff can spare it.

15. What are you doing in this cruel and merciless life, of course beside playing in the band? Do you have some hobby?

I and Necron are avoiding the army and we are learning. Reverend C.Frost is sitting an his ass and fucks everything. We all are worshiping the Bestial Metal!!

16. Ok. Your 5 minutes has just passed (hehe). However considering my good heart (hell! I am also surprised) I will allow you to say something for end (hehe). From my side thanks for bestial answers.

Thanks for interview. Await the Bestial Attack of Extermination Order in autumn!!