Bestial Raids was formed in April 2003 by Sadist (bass/vocal) and C.Frost (guitars). The only purpose of common playing was, is and will be spreading of Black/Death Metal Blaspheme, by music as well as by words. Lyrics are treating of subjects strictly related with extreme metal: blaspheme against all the religions, war, death, violence etc. The main inspiration for Bestial Raids are such bands as: BLASPHEMY, BESTIAL WARLUST/CORPSE MOLESTATION, DARKTHRONE,VON, IMPALED NAZARENE (old), BEHERIT (old), SARCOFAGO, MARDUK (old), CONQUEROR, ANGELCORPSE, IMPIETY, IMMORTAL (old) etc.

At the beginning percussion was programmed, and in this way first rehearsals took place. Most of debut stuff came into being before the group creation. During first rehearsals debut stuff was registered as "Rehearsal 1" (tracks: Kingdom of Gloom, Bestial Raids, Dethroned, Grind the Head of God). Many people didn't heard that, because it wasn't representative for band.

After a few months Necron (drums) joined the band. He was acting also with Sadist in other band - OBSESSED. Just now the rehearsals started to look as it should. After a re-arranging of older and composing new songs band registered "Rehearsal 2". List of tracks: Intro, Kingdom of Gloom, Bestial Raids, Grind the Head of God, Necrowar Holocaust, Self Desecration Inside Lousy Sanctuary of Christian Lord, Blasphemy in the Holy Land, Ritual (BLASPHEMY cover).

After next moths of common playing band decided to record a debut demo "Necrowar Holocaust" (November 2003). Because of lack of funds demo was recorded partly in a rehearsal's room (bass and drums) and partly in home conditions (guitars and vocals). Of course sound is very raw, but it had to be like this.

Nowadays Bestial Raids is working on debut album "Thrones Of Satanas".

Bestial Raids played some gigs in past two years. In matter of possible next concerts band is open for related propositions.



Necron - helldrum terror and coffin devastation;
Sadist - kaos bulldozer and black vomit;
C.Frost - six strings deathsaw and satanic messages.