7 Gates Mega-Sin #8/2004:


Bestial Raids is a very young band, but it seems like some of you were acted before in a certain Obsessed...

- HAIL SATAN! Yes, I and Necron, we are acting in this band, however we've resigned this name. Music has not much to do with Bestial Raids.

Before you recorded first demo "Necrowar Holocaust" there has been created two rehs. I read in biography that they weren't representative for Bestial Raids, so they weren't spreaded widely. Why, where was the problem?

- At the beginning I was playing only with C.Frost and the drum-machine had assisted us. It is not "metal" instrument, so why someone has to hear the artificial shit. Now Necron is with us and he is sowing the total fucking holocaust.

After a few months of your activity you were ready with just mentioned "Necrowar Holocaust" demo. Blasphemy, Beherit, Conqueror... such names are appearing in head after listening this stuff. Influences of these bands are very visible, someone could say that even too much...

- We don't care a fucking straw what will someone say!!! Bands which you mentioned are our inspiration and we don't hide it. "Warcult Supremacy" or "Fallen Angel Of Doom" are the pure EVIL, PURE FUCKING METAL!!! We are not interested in some synthetic shit and messing by months in studio... We are creating the music fast and spontaneously and we know THAT IT JUST HAS TO BE LIKE THIS!!!

Your image also is leaving no room for any doubt, where your roots should be watched. Chains, belts with shells, gas-masks, that is a set, which long time ago went out of fashion. Today rather no one cares to bear so much junk, at least track-suit is more comfortable, ha, ha...

- We are Bestial Raids, we are not fashionable, we are sowing the fucking evil, and not some kind word. We are the nail in a corpse of the whore on a cross and bestial attack on a white puppet of vatican!!!

In a present moment you have recorded material for a second demo - "Order Of Doom". As I was a little sceptial about the whole "Necrowar Holocaust" sound, then now I think that you reached a real killing sound, almost ideal for chaos, which you are creating. It can be safely said that these recordings may be placed next to Beherit, Blasphemy or Abhorer demos..

- Thanks a lot for this comparison!!! "Necrowar Holocaust" has the sound as it has, with time something appeared what could be improved but we disregard it. "Order Of Doom" sounds totally, I don't recommend it for pussies which are exciting by smoothen sound of several months of fucking at the studio. We are creating this sound by ourselves, because we know best how we want to sound.

"Order Of Doom" has to appear in autumn on tape thanks to Time Before Time Records. It is very nice that someone wants to invest in such sordid, raw noise. Was that the only offer which you received for official release of this stuff?

- As a matter of fact we didn't sent right and left this stuff in many places, but TBT is a label, which profile is for us in 666% fucking suitable. There was some other offers, but we decided to release it with Tomasz.

I think that cover, which will grace the "Order Of Doom" is really total! It reminds me with its climate the drawings, which could be found on demos being released more than a decade ago. For an eye it will be for sure nice diving-board from those finical, pretty, digital paintings, which frankly speaking have just a lack of the climate...

- Yes, the cover perfectly matches to our music. Our friend Jarek Iwan (666!) drew it and he fucked up the awfully good job!!! For sure many people won't like it, so I recommend them works of JW. Our music will never be graced by some serial made, digital shit!

Till now you hadn't too many opportunities for live performances. As far I know you are interested in changing it. If someone would like to invite Bestial Raids to some concert, then what circumstances he should secure for you?

- Indeed we don't play too much, but we want to change it. Maybe something will finally set off. Time will show. At our concerts there is a complete BLASPHEMY and we don't accept any limitations. We are limited only by our imagination. We don't want that our performances looks that we come out, play and get out... There have to be EVIL... SULPHUR... RITUAL!

As we mentioned at the beginning, Bestial Raids is a young band. However you are working in top gear, so for sure in not long time you will strike with some new stuff...

- Yes, creating the music is easy for us. We have even some new compositions ready, in style without changes. However for now we would rather play some gigs than record anything. So expect the nails, death stench, holocaust and bestial attack!!!

And traditional word for end ...

- Thanks for interview and interest with Bestial Raids! HAIL HUMAGONY!!!